How to make a cheap china ball.

A few years ago I made some DIY china balls, I recently moved in to a new studio and needed some cheap easy lighting, so i revived it and made a little vid on how to make them!

In short china balls or paper lanterns are a great and really cheap soft light. Because these ones use daylight bulbs they are also good as SAD lights (which is when you don’t get enough daylight in winter and it makes you sad).

It makes for a great wrap around soft light source and its easy to hang up in the studio. You can always have it there without breaking out C-Stands and other things that’ll get in your way.

Also they are pretty energy efficient. The bulbs i recommend only use 30w of power for the equivalent of 100w of actual light. See Amazon links below!



(these are affiliate links that help me to keep making stuff, so i’d appreciate it if you could use them)

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