New Year, New Start.

I’ve never been in to New Years Resolutions. I always just thought, what is the point? Why don’t we just make the changes we want to make now or tomorrow instead of waiting for a new month or a new year.

However this year I’m trying to do things differently so I thought I’d just do the thing that everyone else does and write my goals for 2019 down so I can aim for something, and weirdly, I feel really good about it. By writing down the things that I want to achieve this year, I can formulate a plan for each resolution or goal in advance and start to work at it.

My main goal is to grow my YouTube channel and i’ve been struggling to find my voice on there for a while. I’ve been breaking all of the rules and just making videos about different things and posting them from time to time. There’s no consistency or common theme.

To work at this goal i’m going to be producing a new video every week around my different goals and resolutions and how each one is going. I didn’t want to tell other people how to live their life, but let others know the things that have worked and helped me. The channel will also help to keep my honest and provide others with the resources that i’ve used.

If you have any questions, drop me a tweet.

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