This is all the gear i’m currently using to make my videos. You probably don’t need this. But if you do, please use my affiliate links to help me live.

Please note that some items may link to newer versions of the item I have. This is because some older products that are still good get phased out.


Sony a7iii

This is my main camera that I use for pretty much everything you see. 120fps Full Frame Slow Motion ftw.

Sony 24-105 f/4

This is the jack of all master of none lens that really performs

Sony 55mm f/1.8

I use this for most of the static shots or the interview shots filmed in my studio.

Sony 28mm f/2

Anything that needs to be shot a bit wider gets the 28mm treatment. This was my first full frame Sony lens and is a good all rounder.

SmallHD Focus

Super handy little screen that sits on top of my camera and flips around. Also viewable in daylight

GoPro Hero7 Black

Latest and greatest GoPro. Has really good in body stabilisation. Goes everywhere with me.


15″ Macbook Pro

My only computer. I use this on its own or with the display to the right when i’m working on bigger projects. The 15″ is a bit better for video editing as it has a dedicated graphics card rather than integrated graphics

LG Ultrafine 5K 27″ Monitor

Stunning display that is designed for and works perfectly with Macbook Pro, connects with a single cable and charges whilst it works. Can get much cheaper refurbished on eBay.

Final Cut Pro X

My go-to editing software, works better than Adobe Premiere on Macs. Although I do sometimes still use Premiere if a client requests it.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Despite not using Premiere that often I still have a regular need for Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom so I have a CC subscription.


Rode Videomic Pro+

The perfect vlogging microphone, auto on/off and eternal battery life.

Rode NTG4+

Studio grade shotgun mic that has an internal battery, goes perfectly with an external recorder such as the Zoom H4n/H6.

Rode NT2A

A bit of an old chap now, but still a great mic for recording voiceovers and Podcasts.

Zoom H5n

An audio recorder that just does the job and does it really well. Perfect for the size and has XLR phantom power. Eats batteries.


Benro V4 Tripod

A pretty good budget-pro tripod, has a half ball head that allows you to level out if the legs are on rough ground.

Manfrotto 561BHDV

Workhorse Monopod. My camera is on this most of the time, if you need to move fast and get lots of shots, this is the one.

Joby Gorillapod 5k

The bendy tripod that vloggers use. Don’t waste your money buying the smaller ones, they aren’t strong enough. This one is a beast though.

Cheap Boom Stand

Rip off of the Manfrotto version. Super handy for holding a shotgun mic over your talent or getting those overhead shots.


Aputure 120d LED COB

Fairly expensive very bright studio light, super high quality and extremely versatile. Has Bowens mount for compatibility with lots of different softboxes etc..

Aputure Amaran LED

LED Panel that takes NP FW-50 batteries. Good as a fill or hair light. Can be used as a key light in a hurry.

Aputure Lightdome Mini

Bowens mount softbox for 120d that packs flat and small. Pretty good softbox.

DIY China Ball

My super cheap homemade DIY China Ball that cost less than £20. Not incredible but a decent softlight if you’re on a budget or don’t have anything else.


DJI Mavic Air

Probably the best drone because it packs up so small. Perfect for travelling or just having in your camera bag all the time.

DJI Phantom4 Pro+

This is the bigger drone I use for pro/client work. Has a bigger 1″ sensor and great quality.

PolarPro ND Filters for Mavic Air

Essential if you want to get the best quality video out of your drone and keep the shutter at 180°

PolarPro ND Filters for Phantom 4 Pro

Essential if you want to get the best quality video out of your drone and keep the shutter at 180°