A Perfect Wedding with the Sony a7iii

I recently went to my friends wedding and we had a spectacular time. I’d recently got a Sony a7iii and Sony 24-105mm f/4 lens. I got some shots of the ceremony, snuck off to the car and edited it in secret. Then we put it on the projector before the first dance for a little same day edit and it went down really well. 

This combo is so good and so powerful, the 24-105 is expensive but worth every penny when you can just punch in, knock the background out and get beautiful shots like these.

I also shot it all in picture profile 10 (PP10) or Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) as its more commonly known. Because it was just for fun there was no pressure to produce anything perfect so it was a good chance to experiment. I was super impressed with the results. I didn’t have to use the native ISO of 800 like I do in SLOG2 which makes shooting a bit easier.

There were a few slight changes that had to be made in final cut pro, but on the whole it was pretty straight forward. I just added a LuT and it all came out pretty great. 

If you have any questions about the workflow, drop them in the comments and i’ll do my best to answer.

Music is by Cat Power.

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